Whether you are an athlete, entertainer, content creator (e.g. musician, writer, etc.) or a corporate executive – in today’s fast-moving business climate – you are your own brand. Your legal representation requires the skills necessary to create, protect and ultimately commercialize your brand both during and after your career.  Our lawyers have worked with celebrities and companies for decades implementing cutting edge and innovative legal and business strategies to protect and maximize our client’s personal and business interests.

Our Entertainment & Sports practice is vast and includes the following:

  • Personal representation of talent (musicians, actors, media personalities, authors, screenwriters, directors, producers, social media stars influencers, and professional athletes in film, television, social media, online, sponsorship, licensing and endorsement deals
  • Film, television (scripted and non-scripted), social media, digital media, radio, marketing and digital deals and agreements (e.g. talent agreements, development and production, merchandising, distribution, as well as others)
  • Brand development and protection for talent and athletes
  • Talent collaboration agreements
  • Executive employment agreements
  • Live entertainment production deals, including televised and/or streamed live events