Not every dispute gets handled and resolved inside of a courtroom. Many disputes can be resolved outside of the judicial system either through mediation, arbitration or even aggressive “crisis management” techniques. Our lawyers are experienced practitioners who frequently represent clients in ADR process. We work closely with our clients to determine the best dispute resolution process to meet their needs. ADR techniques are particularly sensitive to our clients’ privacy needs. It also offers both flexibility and expediency which often makes ADR the preferred choice in resolving disputes.

Our attorneys specialize in resolving disputes both before and after a formal civil complaint has been filed, and use the following methods to obtain exemplary results:

  • Dispute Prevention, counseling clients’ proactively to avoid protracted litigation
  • Crisis Management, mitigating high pressure and high-profile dispute or crisis
  • Arbitration, formal arbitration before an arbitration panel (e.g. JAMS, AAA, etc.)
  • Mediation, out of court resolutions negotiated with the assistance of a neutral mediator(s)