In the modern world, every business and individual possess various types of intellectual property – whether “soft IP” such as trademarks and copyrights or more technical and patentable IP. In many cases, this IP has become more adaptable and monetizable than other types of property and assets. Our firm has combined decades of experience with evaluating, registering, protecting, defending and monetizing our clients’ intellectual property. We particularly love this area of practice as it often provides an opportunity to innovate and come up with creative solutions alongside our clients.

The firm’s Intellectual Property practice includes the following which overlaps with our Entertainment & Sports practice


  • Copyright/Trademark Registrations / Filing registration for copyrights, trademarks, service marks and trade dress both domestically and internationally
  • Rights Clearance / Clearance of content, negotiations with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and other content licensing and clearance agencies
  • Branding and Content Agreements / Branding and licensing, co-marketing and co-branding, sponsorships, endorsements, digital media, advertising and promotion, ownership transfers (including acquisitions and assignments), due diligence in corporate transactions
  • Trade Secret Agreements, including non-disclosure and other trade secret and confidentiality transactions and agreements
  • Risk Assessment and counseling for use of third-party IP in all media, advertising and promotion and internal corporate use

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

  • Infringement and Misappropriation / Enforcement and litigation in federal and state courts involving including trademark, copyright, trade dress, and publicity rights infringement, trademark dilution, counterfeiting and misappropriation, and trade secret misappropriation
  • Trademark Office Proceedings (oppositions and cancellations)
  • IP Business Litigation that directly or indirectly involves intellectual property (e.g. ownership and license breaches)
  • Mediation and Arbitration of copyright and trademark disputes